Our business

Pengfei Group has always focused on develop and manufacture of precision metal mold/die & stamping parts since established. Now have precision metal mold/die、precision stamping parts、precision sheet metal and precision components' design and manufacturing matching ability after over fifteen years continuous improvement. Parts widely used in automotive body、car seat、office equipment、home appliance and communication device etc, exported to Europe、America、Middle East and Southeast Asia etc.
Main business area as below:
》Develop、design、manufacturing、assembly and tryout for precision metal mold/die.
》Punching、welding、riviting and secondary processing for precision stamping parts.
》Punch、laser、bend、riviting and secondary processing for precision sheet metal.
》Precision metal part manufacturing、riviting and other precision parts.
Corporate structure:
RuiPengFei Metal & Mold (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
Press Field Metal Products (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd
PengFei Precison Metal Products (WuXi) Co.,Ltd
Ji'An RuiPengFei Precision Technology Co.,Ltd
Press Field Metal (Shenzhen) Technology Co.,Ltd
RuiPengFei Metal & Mold (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd---Precision Sheet Metal Division

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